Problem #1: Time

Drain Tile Repairs Are A Drain

There are only so many hours in the day for every mile on the job. Every drain tile repair requires different amounts of material, making it difficult to establish a process, and difficult to perform in a timely manner. And then, when you need to go back and examine a drain tile repair made months ago, finding the documentation is near impossible.

  • Every bridge requires differing amounts of materials for completion.
  • Establishing efficient procedures is difficult.
  • Documentation recorded in the field is disorganized, and easily lost.

Mad Dog Keeps Your Team Running on Time

Mad Dog offers a range of products that saves time during every task in the drain tile repair process, from bridging to collecting data.

Mad Dog Foam Bridges

Mad Dog Foam Bridges provide a stable platform for drain tile repairs, unlike sandbags. Our bridges are specifically engineered to fit snug on a pipeline, and require 90% less sand to hold them in place. This cuts out time wasted on lugging bridges, meaning your crews complete significantly more repairs in less time. Models are available for pipelines from 18” to 42”.

Mad Dog Trailers

Drain tile repair requires a multitude of supplies, and disorganization can create huge delays in project completion. Our custom trailers haul sand, drain tile, PVC pipe, tools, fittings and, of course, Mad Dog Foam Bridges. This allows your crews to keep their materials in one place for convenience and efficiency on the job.

The Mad Dog App

The Mad Dog Mobile and Web App system means you’ll never worry about lost paperwork. The mobile app’s simple system allows foremen to log repairs as they happen—even without a mobile signal—and upload video of existing drain tile. The web app allows administrators to review repairs and monitor progress along the project.

Problem #2: Money

Stem the Pipeline Flowing from Your Wallet

Time is money. Are you getting your money’s worth when your crews build sandbag bridges? Every hour that your crew spends repairing drain tile is a man hour they could be spending on tasks more essential to the pipeline installation process. How many man hours are you wasting because your drain tile repair processes are inefficient and inconsistent?

  • Planning a budget is tough when you can only guess how much supplies you’ll need.
  • Inefficient repair processes cost most in terms of man hours.

Mad Dog Restores Confidence in Your Budget

Mad Dog Foam Bridges shorten the time needed to repair drain tiles with its simple installation system, which is significantly more efficient than the time needed to arrange up to 200 sandbags. It also simplifies the total materials needed, and the budget required.


Mad Dog Foam Bridges fit firmly on pipelines, ensuring that drain tile doesn’t collapse, and you won’t be paying for further repairs. Our products have been tested on pipelines from North Dakota to Ohio to prove it. Do the job once and do it right.


Pipeline construction crews are best at installing pipeline. Let Mad Dog’s trained crew take care of the drain tile repair, while your crew keeps at what it does best. Be confident, knowing your drain tile repairs are in professional hands.

Problem #3: Safety

Deep Trenches and Drain Tile Repair Are A Dangerous Mix

Safety is a key component along a pipeline construction project. One of the best ways to keep crews safe is to keep them out of dangerous situations. Unfortunately, conventional drain tile repair requires workers to get down into the trench. There are few places that are more hazardous than a situation where heavy equipment and supplies are above your head.

  • Those in the pipeline trench are at greater risk of falling materials, flooding, and other hazards.
  • Standard drain tile repairs keep crew members down in the pipeline trench.
  • Carrying sandbags and other unwieldy materials leads to injury.
  • Crew in trench can’t see potential hazards, and those outside the trench can’t see your crew.

Mad Dog Takes Crewmembers Out of The Trench

Crew members can use an excavator with a specialized clamp in order to lower the Mad Dog Foam Bridge (full of sand) down onto the pipeline. The trench can be backfilled to the top of the bridge before the repair is made, meaning your men no longer need to worry about the risks of being down in the trench. All work is conducted out of harm’s way, and with no heavy lifting required!