If you’re a frequent reader, you already know that Mad Dog Foam Bridges are your best bet when repairing drain tile along a pipeline project (if you haven’t read up on this yet, check it out). Nothing is more consistent in ensuring that drain tile does not collapse, and nothing offers a quicker method of bridging new pipelines. There’s still a lot that goes into proper drain tile repair, and Mad Dog is able to provide all of these supplies and services.

Unfortunately, the Mad Dog Foam Bridge is not a silver bullet cure for the issues faced by construction crews when repairing drain tile.

Sure, you can install our bridges quickly, and you can be confident that our bridge will never collapse (unlike conventional sandbag bridges). But drain tile needs to be repaired before you can worry about bridging it. Collapsed bridges create huge problems, for both farmers and contractors. But do does drain tile that was never repaired correctly to begin with.

The problem is that crews in the pipeline construction field do not specialize in drain tile repair. And it’s tough to blame them! There are a huge number of steps that go into the construction process. So many that a relatively small detail, like drain tile, often gets overshadowed.

Until there’s an incident. And then the company responsible for building the pipeline is spending time and money to re-repair the drain tile (and save face). All over a piece of the pipeline puzzle that they didn’t pay much attention to before.



Mad Dog Materials creates Foam Bridges, as well as mobile and web apps, to make the process as simple as possible for those inexperienced with drain tile repair. But we also offer our services in the field, both consulting and personally repairing drain tile.

There are numerous benefits to having Mad Dog handle your project’s drain tile repair needs:

1. Our staff specializes in drain tile repair. Repairing drain tile is not like riding a bicycle; even if your crew has done this job previously, there’s a re-learning curve that comes with the task. Mad Dog’s experience in the field allows us to repair drain tile, and install our Foam Bridges as efficiently as possible. And, more importantly, we do it right the first time so you don’t need to worry about future repairs.

2. Mad Dog delivers all necessary supplies to the site. Obviously we can provide Foam Bridges. But we can also supply all the necessary materials for a successful drain tile repair, including PVC pipe, sand, specialized installation equipment, and—of course—the drain tile itself.

We can also supply these materials and lease equipment if you prefer to handle the job yourself. Just contact us here for more details or an estimate.

3. Mad Dog maintains data and records of all repairs. Mad Dog is a firm believer that accurate data is important to the future of the industry; that’s why we developed both the Mad Dog Mobile and Web apps. Having all the information from drain tile repair makes reference and research easier for future projects and maintenance. If Mad Dog handles your drain tile repair, you can bet we’ll keep accurate records of all of our work.

Don’t worry: Mad Dog’s products make great drain tile repair easy for everyone. If you’d rather not worry about it, we can execute perfect drain tile repair for you.