There are many kinds of family Christmas celebrations, and every one is perfect to those who celebrate it. Some prefer the “good ol’ fashioned” family Christmas down on the farm, and some prefer taking the Clark Griswold route–covering every square inch of their home with Christmas lights to dazzle the neighbors.

Mad Dog Materials has made it our goal to ensure that both of these dreams will be possible, both now and for years to come.

Let’s start with the enthusiastic suburbanite, who may get a little too excited with his Christmas decorations from year. There’s only one downside to putting on such a lavish holiday display (assuming the Homeowners Association doesn’t cite you): Receiving your electric bill the next month.

We won’t be shocking anyone to suggest that we live in a world that literally runs on electricity. We support all of the green initiatives currently underway to supply society with power, but we still rely significantly upon natural gas to help us keep our cities lit. Therefore it is important to build and supply pipelines so that these resources can be delivered as efficiently as possible. Mad Dog Foam Bridges and the services we offer go far in ensuring that every pipeline runs as smoothly as possible.

But at the same time, it’s important that we–as a culture–protect those who are celebrating their family Christmas on the farm.

Pipeline construction projects have the potential to disrupt the lives of farmers. Perhaps the greatest way is through the improper repair of drain tile. Poorly repaired drain tile can lead to oversaturated and hurting the soil. America is a nation built on the backs of our farmers, and Mad Dog Materials was built on the idea of protecting their ability to continue providing us with the essentials for our own lives.

Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy during this holiday season, and we can only do that by coming together to find the ideal solutions that put everyone in the best possible situation.

Merry Christmas, everyone, from your friends at Mad Dog Materials.