There is one reason why Mad Dog Foam Bridges are the obvious choice for completing drain tile repair along pipeline projects: costs. Buying one foam bridge costs less than buying hundreds of sandbags for a single repair, and then possibly paying more to redo the repair when that uneven sandbag bridge collapses.

But there is another reason for using Mad Dog Foam Bridges, possibly even more important than the money you’ll save. Mad Dog Foam Bridges help keep your crew safe on the job.

There is no doubt about the most dangerous place on a pipeline project; it’s in the trench. If your men are in the trench, they are at risk of a collapse, or the trough could fill with water. It leaves them more exposed to gas or other explosions. These instances may be rare, but if you are in the trench, that means you can’t see what’s going on above your head. You can’t see danger coming when a mistake is made, or equipment goes awry.

We’ll simplify it: Keep your men outside of the trench whenever possible.

Mad Dog Foam Bridges help with this. Consider the alternative: Workers toss more than 150 sandbags down into the trench, but they don’t magically fit into place. Crew members need to go down and arrange the bags into a structure that will (hopefully) hold the new drain tile up. This leaves them exposed for a significant amount of time, every time they make a drain tile repair.



Mad Dog Foam Bridges don’t require anyone to enter the trench for placement. We designed a special clamp, which can be attached to an excavator, that lifts the bridge into the trench, and places it atop the pipeline. The bridge can be filled with sand while outside of the trench, so no need for lifting any heavy sandbags.

We designed the clamp with the intention of keeping your crew safe, but it literally “doesn’t hurt” to know you won’t need to deal with the strain of lifting hundreds of heavy sandbags!

So what happens when your crew needs to actually repair the drain tile?

Mad Dog Foam Bridges are engineered to fit snug on a pipeline, and have been tested against the elements to make sure of it. So snug that you can backfill the trench until you are even with the top of the bridge!

This leaves a “trench,” but now it will be just three feet deep. Your men will easily be able to see everything that’s going on, and won’t be at risk of materials falling on them from above. They can make their repair and move onto the next.

Saving costs and providing a more efficient method of repairing drain tile was one of our primary goals when designing Mad Dog Foam Bridges. But safety should always be top priority on construction projects, and we are pleased that Mad Dog Foam Bridges help to keep crew members safe while they make drain tile repairs.