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Modernizing Drain Tile Repair & Data Collection in Pipeline Construction

Many don’t immediately understand the importance of a drain tile repair mobile app, or foam bridges. After all, we’ve been building pipelines for years…why change your approach now?

Mad Dog Materials is dedicated to saving you time and money when you repair drain tile. Our bridges are easier to install, and are more reliable than conventional sandbag bridges—you’ll never need to return to repair a collapsed bridge. The conventional methods of collecting repair data—pen and paper—leaves the door open for lost information, and administrators must wait hours or days for it to be uploaded by hand.

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  • Mad Dog Foam Bridges are most reliable option for drain tile bridging.
  • Mad Dog trailers and clamps make installation simple, quick.
  • We can provide all supplies necessary for drain tile repair.
  • The Mad Dog Mobile App lets users instantly enter individual repair information to your database.
  • Data remains stored for easy review via the Mad Dog Web App.

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