We are excited to announce that Mad Dog Materials has settled into its new website, www.MadDogMaterials.com!

It started with a simple premise: MadDogFoamBridges.com didn’t work for us anymore, because we’ve evolved as a company. We do more than just sell foam bridges…we also provide technical offerings such as our web and mobile apps, as well as offering a range of supplies and services. Although there was room for these things on the last version, we figured “what the heck”: Let’s make a new, improved site in the process.

And what will you find there? For one thing, improved imagery! Every page at MadDogMaterials.com comes with new, original photography. Big, bright and eye-catching!

But that’s not why you came to the site. You came to learn about how Mad Dog Materials can help with your pipeline drain tile repair, and we believe the new site does a much better job of presenting our services.


There was woefully little information on the previous site for the Mad Dog Web and Mobile Apps, and that has been corrected. Now you can find all the details you need, including the benefits and functions they offer. There are also links directly to the Mad Dog Mobile App for both Apple and Android, so your team members can get there directly from the site. And for web app users, continue to log in directly from the top of the page.

Mad Dog has added more than just the apps, however. We can now confidently call ourselves a full-service drain tile repair firm. We provide any supplies required for the repair process—from PVC to tile fittings, marker flags and sand—as well as custom trailers to effectively transport them around the site. And don’t forget the manpower. We can provide consultation services as well as contractors trained in the use of Mad Dog Materials products.

And yes, somehow, we found room for where it all started: Mad Dog Foam Bridges. They still get a place of honor among all of the other products and services highlighted on the site.  

If you’re already familiar with Mad Dog Materials, we invite you to come on by and check out the new and improved site.

If you’re totally new to the Mad Dog Materials world, welcome! Check out why Mad Dog is the best in the drain tile repair business, and drop us a line to learn how we can help on your project. We look forward to hearing from you!