Mad Dog leases custom trailers, designed for efficiently delivering foam bridges and other repair supplies on the job site.


Keep crews out of the trench, and install Mad Dog Foam Bridges with ease by using our specialized clamps for lifting and placing bridges.

Inspection Cameras

Confirm that drain tile isn't clogged by using our specialized cameras to make video records of the existing tile before beginning the repair process.

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Our Products

Mad Dog Bridge Trailers

The Mad Dog Bridge Trailer does more than just carry 18 bridges to your site; it also allows you to pre-fill them with sand for maximum efficiency.

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Mad Dog Materials Trailers

You need more than bridges for drain tile repair. These trailers carry 20’ PVC pipes, 1,200’ of drain tile, tools, fittings, and 6,000 lbs. of sand.

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These clamps can be attached to any excavator for the simple installation of Mad Dog Foam Bridges. No need for men in the trench!

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