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Mad Dog Foam Bridges

Mad Dog Foam Bridges provide a solution to the problems caused by conventional sandbag bridges. Our products fit firmly atop any size pipeline, preventing collapse, and they require 90% less sand. Our bridges are easy to attach, and never need to be replaced.

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Better Drain Tile Repair on 42” Pipelines

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Why Use Mad Dog Foam Bridges?

  1. Faster and safer to install; can be attached from outside trench.
  2. Two men can install in just minutes.
  3. Costs less than sandbag or plastic bridges.
  4. Available in multiple sizes: 12”, 18”, 20”, 24”, 30”, 36”, and 42”.
  5. Strong and durable for lasting stability.
  6. Eco-friendly; our bridges are at least 30% recycled materials.
  7. Require 90% less sand than conventional bridges.

Mad Dog Foam Bridges Sit & Stay


Not able to bury your pipeline as soon as the drain tile repair is complete? No problem. Mad Dog Foam Bridges have been tested against Midwestern wind, rain, and snowstorms. They don’t budge when tested by the elements.


The collapse of sandbag bridges are a nightmare for crews. They need to dig up the old repair, fix the drain tile again, and redo the entire process. It’s a huge waste of time and money. Place a Mad Dog Foam Bridge, bury it, and then stop worrying. It won’t slide.

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