Mad Dog Foam Bridges are beneficial for the environment.

That’s a firm statement, but we couldn’t think of a way to deliver the full truth of that message without being straightforward. One of our biggest selling points is that Mad Dog Foam Bridges provide a more cost-effective method of bridging broken drain tile along pipeline projects. And this is true. But the benefits to both farmers and their surrounding environment can’t be understated.

Let’s start at the most basic level. Mad Dog Foam Bridges sit firmly on a pipeline. Conventional drain tile bridges are made of sandbags, requiring workers to pile up 150 or more bags. You can imagine, as these bridges consist of more than 150 parts, they are more likely to fall apart. And they do.

One negative impact of a collapsing sandbag bridge is that the bags themselves can break, resulting in sand mixing into your soil. Messing with the health of a farmer’s soil is always a bad move, but there is an effect that ends up being much more drastic.

At least sand is limited to a relatively small area. Water is another story.

When a drain tile bridge collapses, that almost guarantees the drain tile it supports will be damaged as well, disrupting the flow of the drainage system. The whole purpose of drain tile is to promote better growth by preventing over-saturation; when that water finds itself condensed into one area of the farm. Even when it is distributed equally, too much water can wreak havoc on harvests. Put all of that water in one section of the farm and you can guarantee that it won’t be able to support crops.

Obviously sustainable crop growth and the health of your soil is important to you as an individual. Drainage leaks can have an even worse impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Well-planned drain systems are more effective than disorganized drainage, namely in that they ensure that only water is making its way into the watershed. If the drainage system is damaged, water will drain more rampantly, including by bringing soil with it. This soil contains excess fertilizers, herbicides and other chemicals. When it enters the water system, it can end up in two places. Much of it will flow downstream and settle in lakes or other bodies of water, resulting in hypoxia and dangerous algal blooms like what we’re currently seeing at Lake Okeechobee in Florida.

Of course, the environment isn’t the only thing to suffer when excess chemicals enter the water system. It may make you think twice before drinking water from your tap.

There are many things that can be done to protect watersheds and the environment, and using dependable drain tile repair bridges is a good start. Mad Dog Foam Bridges ensure that drain tile works effectively, and in turn keep the soil safe from over-saturation and keep chemicals out of the watershed.

Mad Dog Foam Bridges are beneficial for the environment.