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Mad Dog Makes Life Easier for Everyone

Mad Dog Materials was founded to protect those in the pipeline industry, farmers, and local watersheds—without any party sacrificing anything.

Our Foam Bridges and drain tile repair services help farmers, who may worry that pipeline construction projects will have a negative impact on their way of life. Broken drain tile can harm agricultural soil and, in the process, damage local watersheds. Pipeline owners also fear collapsed drain tile, and the budget they waste to fix them a second time. Mad Dog Materials offers its products and services—Foam Bridges, Mobile and Web applications, as well as installation and consultation services—so that those in the pipeline industry don’t need to worry about drain tile issues.


Our Process

  • We send qualified contractors, trained in Mad Dog installation and tile repair.
  • Mad Dog can provide all necessary supplies for ideal drain tile repair.
  • Mad Dog maintains data and records of all repairs.
  • Our network of drain tile experts allows us to assist on projects anywhere in the U.S.
  • We collect data you can reference for maintenance and research.

Everything offered by Mad Dog Materials is an answer to the same question: "How can we make drain tile repair better?"

The Basics of Drain Tile Repair

Don’t know much about drain tile repair? No problem. You can learn more about this often-overlooked part of the pipeline installation process with our free white paper.

5 Reasons Why Mad Dog:

  • There is no method more reliable for bridging drain tile.
  • Mad Dog Foam Bridges can be installed quicker.
  • Mad Dog Foam Bridges require 90% less sand.
  • All of our products are eco-friendly.
  • We go beyond the actual repair. Our apps take drain tile data into the 21st Century.
The Best Available

Mad Dog Materials is The Best in Drain Tile Repair

Mad Dog Materials pioneers products—such as our acclaimed Foam Bridges and Mobile/Web apps—so the pipeline industry doesn’t need to worry about drain tile repair, and the cost of poor installation. We offer installation and consultation services, and lease custom equipment for better installation.