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A pipeline project goes far beyond a construction crew, and so does the repair of drain tile during that project. A single drain tile repair can take as little as 15 minutes, but the products and services offered by Mad Dog Materials span a far greater period of time. We’re there from the very beginning, when the planning of the pipeline gets underway. And we’re there for as long as the pipeline exists, hosting data and offering support.


Our range of products and services are beneficial to the entire team associated with a pipeline project. Our Foam Bridges and other products obviously benefit those working in the field, up to those in management—both with digital applications and technical consultations. Find out below how we can help your side of the pipeline project.


You have staked your reputation on building the most reliable pipelines as efficiently as possible. That means investing in both the materials and the manpower that live up to your standards. Mad Dog Materials allows you to look your customers in the eye and tell them you’ve got the best in the business.


All responsibility for your pipelines flows from your office. Generating profits depends on doing the job right, while also managing a reasonable budget. The products offered by Mad Dog Materials create safe solutions, which fulfill their goals without the worry of future fixes and wasted cash flow.


Designing and constructing lengthy pipelines inevitably calls for drain tile repair within agricultural land. Operating and maintaining these pipelines depends on proper drain tile repair conducted at the beginning. Mad Dog Foam Bridges keep the tile safe, and our Web Apps make data storage and future maintenance simple. This data also makes it easier to research and plan your next project.


You’re paid for your expertise on pipelines. Too often, drain tile repair is an overlooked aspect of the pipeline construction process. Don’t let your firm fall into this trap. Let Mad Dog Materials provide its unsurpassed expertise regarding drain tile, so you can be assured every corner is covered.


No one has more to lose from a faulty drain tile repair than you. Broken tile can result in waterlogged soil, delays, even the loss of a harvest…and your livelihood. Independent drain tile repairs and rerouting have historically led to drainage incidents. Professional repairs and proven technology keep your land healthy.

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