Sitting down to recollect the busy year that Mad Dog Materials has had, and one can’t help but be surprised that 2018 is already nearing an end. Then again, it’s not surprising in the least. We’ve worked about as hard as we ever have!

We knew, coming into the year, that we would be busy. Mad Dog had been tapped to assist on the construction of the NEXUS Pipeline Project, a 255-mile pipeline stretching from southern Michigan and across northern Ohio. As you know, we specialize in drain tile repair, and a company working in drain tile repair can expect more work the more agricultural land the pipeline crosses. The NEXUS was right up our alley; approximately 87 percent of the pipeline’s route travelled across agricultural land.

More farmland means more drain tile…and more drain tile repairs.

Granted, training contractors on the installation of Mad Dog Foam Bridges is a relatively simple task. Sure, our foam bridges are a drastic change-of-direction from traditional sandbag bridges, but they’re simple to use. No problem for guys familiar with the trade. What would take a little more time is use of the Mad Dog app.

This would be the first major project implementing the Mad Dog Mobile and Web apps, and we wanted to make sure everyone knew what they were doing. This started in March, when we hosted crews—hailing from our Ohio backyard all the way to Louisiana—and trained them on using the app.

The benefits of the app are obvious; storing all the data digitally, not to mention the GPS capabilities of smartphones, make the app a logical superior to pen-and-paper, especially on a wet, busy worksite. Still, after using the traditional methods for so long, we were prepared for experienced contractors to be at least a little stubborn. And boy were we wrong. They latched right on to the app, and weren’t afraid to give us quality feedback and help us improve the system. We’re grateful for their help.

Now, about that “hard work” we mentioned. Training is a job, but boy; working on the project itself is work. Mad Dog is founded around the idea of the perfect drain tile repair, and that means helping out in the trenches (metaphorically, of course: Mad Dog Foam Bridges are designed so that contractors spend as little time in the actual trench).

We worked, we got our hands dirty, and we learned along the way. We’d come home exhausted almost every night, but it’s tough to say we didn’t have at least a little fun. We met great people, both working with us in the field and the farmers whose land we were working on.

It was a great year for Mad Dog Materials, and we’re looking forward to 2019. Thanks to all who helped make it great. Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!